The Fox Hill Homes professionally experienced staff delivers the very best quality service, at the very best affordable price.

We work with you to ensure that your new dream home or custom project proceeds as smoothly as possible - from beginning to end.

Fox Hill Homes is a "Home Development" specialist. The owner and founder, Gary Guariglia has been appraising, selling and building homes and professional offices since 1972. Fox Hill Homes was created to offer cost-efficient new homes and provide an alternative to the purchase of an existing resale home. Our specialty has always been to provide a custom-built home, and make the transition from apartment to new home, or old home to new home, as flawless as possible.

Modular homes were generally sold to buyers as a component of their total new home package. The buyers were responsible to hire a site work contractor, mason, plumber, electrician, etc to aid the new homeowner in the task of bringing the entire homebuilding project to completion. The entire undertaking was intimidating to most potential new home buyers, to say the least. This very fact suppressed the real estate market's acceptance of modular homes.

From its earliest days, Fox Hill Homes has provided a complete "new" home building system. We provide seamless "turn-key" construction utilizing state-of-the-art modular construction techniques, with custom designs, components, and finishes. If our customers desire exotic hardwood flooring, personalized kitchen planning, specialty installation of granite counters, or ADA handicapped provisions, we are happy to provide these services and more.

Whether it's a site built home, or a modular home, we truly "Make Home Building Easy!"

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