Fox Hill HomesThe process starts with the customer deciding what style of home to build. Some customers bring in a home plan that they have found or purchased elsewhere. Some come in and "load-up" with our brochures and decide on a home, maybe with modifications. And then there are the really creative customers that actually design their dream home, draw a layout of the floor plan, and have us provide a professional drawing for their edification. Whichever way it happens, the customer needs to make the decision of what home will suit their needs. Then it's our turn.

A list of specifications is decided on, and we prepare a price for the entire project. Since we generally perform all the functions needed for the completed home, we will do a site evaluation of the customer's lot. This step is extremely important because all lots vary in topography and characteristics. We will need to assess the accurate costs of clearing, filling, municipal water and sewer hookups, private well or septic system installations, or whatever is required to properly develop the site.

Fox Hill HomesBy adding the price of the home and the site development costs, the customer has a firm price to take to the bank. The mortgage application step is generally done by the customer, but we have over 30 years of experience in placing customers with lenders that can best serve them. Our customers routinely use Conventional, FHA, and SONYMA financing. They can either use a construction loan process, or take advantage of our "in-house" construction loan system and apply at the lending institution of their choice for an "end-loan". This combination provides an endless choice of loans to consider.

A mortgage commitment is obtained in about 30 days. After the commitment is accepted by the customer, the contract is intact, and the home is ordered from the modular company.

Then the rest is up to Fox Hill Homes. It's going to take about 6-7 weeks* for the home to be delivered. But in that time we're going to be developing the lot and installing the foundation. On most sites, we will install the municipal water and sewer lines, or private well and septic system.

Fox Hill HomesGenerally, the home is delivered to the site, and "set" on the foundation the very next day. We spend the next 5-6 weeks completing the home. The heating system is installed, the electrical service and all fixtures are installed, the plumbing is connected to the water source and waste system, all interior trim is finished, and all floor coverings are completed. The siding, porch, deck, or garage is finished, and the final stages of site work are completed.

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